Shooting Sports

"The caliber of Strathalbyn's shooting facilities is unrivaled in the region.  The  Club  offers some of the finest shotgun sports in the state, and the new pistol range gives shooters even more options."


Strathalbyn Farms is home to some of the finest outdoor shooting facilities in the St. Louis area. Whether you’re honing your skills by yourself, enjoying an afternoon with some friends, or hosting a large corporate or charitable event, the club provides the perfect setting for a memorable outing. Shooting facilities at the club include:
  • The centerpiece of the shooting facility is a 14-stand sporting clays course woven into the woods with each stand presenting unique and challenging shoots from multiple angles. The course is reset on a regular basis to provide ongoing challenges for regular shooters, and each station has remote thrower capabilities, allowing a single shooter to experience the course without the need for a trapper.
  • A skeet field with voice-activated throwers
  • An American trap field with voice-activated throwers and wobble-trap capability
  • A five-stand course with ten voice-activated throwers presenting different speeds, angles, and skill challenges
  • A very unique “quail walk” course with 39 throwers presenting birds at various distances and angles without warning, just like a real flush
  • An outdoor pistol range with two bays and a well-stocked mix of steel targets, motion targets, and various games to challenge your skills
All shooting facilities are open to members to use at their convenience and are fully maintained by club staff.